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Car Accidents

We have the experience and compassion necessary to help you through car accident and wrongful death claims.

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Sexual Abuse

Our staff of sexual abuse lawyers are compassionate, understanding, and dedicated to advocating for their clients.

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Insurance Claims

Our personal injury lawyers will guide you through the process and seek the payments you are entitled to.

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We at Beckett Personal Injury Lawyers have one thing in common: a tenacious focus on personal injury law. We’re known to be fearless litigators, winning the respect of judges, lawyers, and our clients. Our knowledge, experience, and compassion mean you can get back to the things you love.

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“Just a note to thank you for all your help. I am still in a state of euphoria. Once again, thank you both for all you have done to bring me to where I am today. You have a special place in my heart.” Quote from plaque from Susan Campbell (Windsor)

Chris Beckett

Chris Beckett, Founding Partner

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Beckett is right for you.

Since 1999, Beckett has helped thousands of people and earned a reputation for excellence in all areas of personal injury litigation. Partners Chris Beckett, Rob Talach, Mary-Anne Strong, Aaron Lealess and Dallas Lee have almost 60 combined years of experience. As a dedicated personal injury law firm, we are the right size to provide you with exceptional client service. Our focus is on getting you fair compensation for the injuries and losses you have suffered.

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  • How do I pay for a personal injury case?

    At Beckett, we want your focus to be on finding justice and healing. That’s why our payment for fees is based on a percentage of the money obtained in a lawsuit. In any successful case, the cost of expenses or disbursements is almost entirely paid by the defendant.

  • How long will my personal injury case take?

    This is a common question with no easy answer. Each lawsuit is unique, and therefore the duration can be different. However, due to the nature of personal injury law, the lawsuit will likely be longer than you would prefer. Most serious cases can take a few years to reach a resolution or get to a courtroom. Whether or not there is a settlement, your injury still exists, so it is best to be patient and deliberate in your case. It’s important not to let time or delays pressure you into a lesser resolution than you deserve. We at Beckett Personal Injury Lawyers will work hard to ensure that your case is fully developed so that you can achieve a result that brings you both compensation and justice.

  • When do I have to physically participate in my personal injury lawsuit?

    There are only three main events in a lawsuit in which you would have to physically participate. However, it is important to note that only a very small percentage of cases ever go to trial. So in all likelihood, your case will be resolved without a trial at a courthouse.

    The events you will therefore actually likely participate in are:

    a. Examination for Discovery: This is an interview conducted by the lawyers for the defendants. It is done under oath and is audio-recorded. You will be prepared and accompanied to the event by your lawyer from Beckett’s London office. It is rather informal and often an easier process than people expect. All parties of the lawsuit have to be interviewed, so this stage helps us learn about the defendants and if your injury or abuse could have been prevented.

    b. Medical Assessment: This step does not occur in every case but if it is necessary to have your medical condition detailed by a specialist, we will hire a doctor to examine you and write a report. This is typically a doctor in a specialty related to your injury. The defendant in your case also has the right to hire their own doctor to give a responding report, so you may end up having two or more medical assessments. The assessors are medical professionals and the assessment is typically much less difficult than people expect. Our personal injury lawyers are experienced in helping you to prepare for this process so that you are as comfortable as possible.

    c. Mediation/Pre-Trial: A mediation is a formal negotiation. A neutral individual is hired to oversee and assist with a day-long negotiation. Mediations typically happen near the end of the case and often resolve it. The mediation is meant for you to hear what is being offered to you and provide insight to your lawyer. Mediations can be positive experiences because they often not only resolve the case but because the defendant may also offer apologies and admissions. If mediation is unsuccessful, a similar but shorter process will take place with a judge, which is called a pre-trial. Pre-trials typically take place a few months before a trial date and are an opportunity to hear what a judge thinks of the case.

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