Beckett Personal Injury Sign That Is Attached to the front Entrance of The Beckett Office Building

Employment Opportunities

Beckett has grown from two lawyers at its inception in September of 1999, to a 12-lawyer firm, and we expect to continue to grow.

We are always searching for quality personal injury lawyers, students, and law clerks.

If you are a dedicated and hard working person looking for the opportunity to join a busy and growing litigation practice, please forward your resume to:

Lesley McKeen
630 Richmond Street
London, Ontario, N6A 3G6


Beckett is very different when it comes to Summer and Articling students. We are a growing firm and therefore hire students with a plan to retain them and ultimately offer them Associate positions. Our success rate in this regard is noteworthy. A student job with Beckett is more than a student position, it is the start of a rewarding career in law with a dynamic firm.

Beckett hires between 1 to 2 summer students every year, who will work from May through August. The duration of the summer employment is left up to the student with a range of 15-17 weeks available. We recognize that law students may want a week or two off during the summer. This is part of a firm wide theme of “employee first flexibility”. Though we aim to hire one first year and one second year summer student, that can change based upon the applications received that particular year.

We are interested in students with high academic achievement, a passion for litigation, and a strong interest in representing injured plaintiffs – the little people. Our firm aims to provide exceptional satisfaction and just compensation for our clients, and we hire students who we believe can help us achieve these goals.

Students do not participate in a rotation system, but are rather given a variety of work by different lawyers in our personal injury, insurance defence, and sex abuse departments. Students who summer at Beckett will gain a deep understanding of each stage in the litigation process. Each student is encouraged to accompany lawyers to proceedings and pursue matters of interest. The student experience at Beckett is more of an educational journey rather than traditional employment. Our goal is to start developing, mentoring and training a future Associate. There is no “student research dungeon” at Beckett!