Be Safe This Civic Holiday Weekend: Don’t Drink and Drive

August 3, 2023

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Why Accidents Increase on Long Weekends

Car accidents can happen anytime, but they increase during long weekends. Staying safe on the roads this Civic Holiday starts with understanding why accidents increase.

  1. Increased Traffic: the volume of cars on the roads increases during the long weekend. Increased congestion increases the risk of getting into an accident. Make sure to be alert, watch for aggressive and frustrated drivers, and drive defensively.
  2. Aggressive Driving: heavy traffic can be frustrating and leads to aggressive behaviour such as tailgating, weaving through lanes, or road rage. Maintain your calm behind the wheel. Patience and courtesy will save lives.
  3. Alcohol Consumption: alcohol consumption increases as we celebrate the summer and unwind with family. Alcohol impairs judgment, coordination and reaction times, making it very dangerous to operate a vehicle. If you’re driving, avoid drinking and watch out for other drivers who may be impaired.
  4. Seatbelt Use: during long weekends, many people drive with their families. While these drivers might be less likely to drive drunk or aggressively, they’re less likely to buckle up. This is a major factor in the severity of injuries caused by car accidents during long weekends.

Alternatives to Impaired Driving

To promote a safer holiday season, we encourage you to consider these alternatives:

  1. Choose a responsible person who is willing to abstain from alcohol to be the designated driver for your group.
  2. Take advantage of convenient rideshare platforms that can safely take you to your destination.
  3. If attending an event where alcohol is served, consider staying overnight, and plan ahead to stay at a friend's place or a nearby accommodation to avoid driving while impaired.

Importance of Seeking Legal Advice

If you are involved in an accident caused by a drunk driver, it is crucial to seek legal advice promptly. Acting fast can help protect your rights and ensure appropriate legal action is taken. Beckett Personal Injury Lawyers can provide the guidance and support you need during this challenging time.

How a Lawyer Can Help?

At Beckett Personal Injury Lawyers, we handle motor vehicle accident cases, providing expert legal advice and compassionate support. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident caused by a drunk driver, please contact a member of the Beckett team. We will advocate for your rights, navigate the legal process and strive to secure the fair compensation you deserve.

Published on August 3, 2023

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