Beckett helps Lucas freshmen ‘tackle’ cancer

June 14, 2017

By: Beckett Personal Injury Lawyers

Beckett helps Lucas freshmen ‘tackle’ cancer's article image

When Beckett was approached by students from A.B. Lucas Secondary School to match their team’s fundraising amount, we were excited to help a local London school raise money for an important cause.

The team of nine girls at Lucas, called “Tackle Cancer,” participated in the school’s annual Relay For Life on June 2. Beckett was able to support the team with a donation of a combined $7,000 from both the firm and staff members, contributing to Tackle Cancer becoming the top fundraising team with nearly $15,000 in donations. On top of that total, Lucas as a whole raised an incredible total of $190,000, making them the number one school in Canada for raising the most money for the Relay For Life youth program.

Relay For Life is a 12-hour fundraising event where team members take turns walking around a track. Each team is asked to have at least one member on the track throughout the 12 hours to symbolize the ongoing fight against cancer.

Congratulations to Tackle Cancer and A.B. Lucas Secondary School for your fundraising efforts — you’ve made London proud.

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