Why Beckett May Be The Firm For You

December 1, 2022

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A Little Bit About Us

For over twenty years, Beckett Personal Injury Lawyers have dedicated themselves to all areas of personal injury litigation so that we can help our clients navigate the legal process of what is often a stressful and traumatic time in their life. Sporting over eighty years of combined experience between our partners, we at Beckett are confident in our ability to fight for our clients and win them the justice they deserve.

Our Areas Of Expertise

Personal injury law is both our focus and our passion. This area of the law includes motor vehicle accidents, sexual abuse, insurance claims, slip and falls, and long-term care negligence. Our experience in personal injury law as well as our strong drive for securing compensation for our clients can be found in each of these focuses.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accident injuries such as whiplash can have long-lasting effects that negatively impact your quality of life. It’s important that you receive proper and full compensation for your injuries. We have helped guide thousands of people through car accident and wrongful death claims, ensuring our clients understand the legal process.

Sexual Abuse

Our lawyers are aware of the significant trauma that survivors of sexual abuse have endured. Compassionate and experienced, Beckett helps fight for the victims of sexual abuse to see justice for their suffering. Our advocacy for sexual abuse survivors extends to actively combatting sexual crimes and collaborations with local sexual assault centres.

Insurance Claims

When your insurance company fails to provide the compensation that you are rightfully owed, Beckett will fight for you to make things right. We have experience with helping clients through a number of different types of insurance claims, including property loss, disability and life insurance claims.

Slip and Falls

Living in Canada, we often have to contend with the hazards of winter. Beyond the particularly dangerous winter season, property owners often fail to maintain their properties year-round. Beckett has experience with negotiating fair settlements for hundreds of clients that have been injured in a slip or trip and fall incident.

Long-term Care Negligence

The purpose of retirement homes is to provide attentive care and to ensure that its residents can live in wellness and comfort. When these institutions fail to care for our loved ones, we take that very seriously. We can help residents and their families understand their rights and secure compensation for abuse and neglect.

What Beckett Can Do For You

If any of the above information has resonated with you, know that protecting and advocating for the interests of our clients continues to be our highest priority and our greatest passion. The reasons behind needing our legal representation are never pleasant, but Beckett can help ensure that the legal process goes as smoothly as possible, without adding any more undue stress to your situation. You can be confident that we will secure any compensation that you are owed for your injuries.

If you’re interested in understanding your rights and your options, please reach out to Beckett today or fill out our contact us form for a free case evaluation.

Published on December 1, 2022

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